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reslog is a research group of the Department of Management and Production Engineering (DIGEP) at Politecnico di Torino
Project and Risk Management
Relationship and Organizational Aspects
The outocome of a project is based on organizational effectiveness and on successful relationship among stakeholders. We study organizational and contractual models that guarantee the success of the project through the development of the project manager role and of the project office within companies. We carry out studies about processes and information flows for an accurate project management and associated instruments for informative integration.
Methods for planning and managing the performance
We study and propose tools for operational and financial operative planning according to the specific accounting system of a company environment, as well as methods for time and costs monitoring and controlling, and for the definition of estimates at completion.
Risk Management
Project managers need tools to anticipate negative events: risk management is becoming an essential instrument to carry out this task. Our effort focuses on the development of methods and techniques for risk identification, assessment and control , that are effective, and easy to use.
Performance analysis in supply chain
We carry out studies about the ties between performance indicators and design choices in the logistics chain valuating the alternatives with multi-criteria methods. We start off with static analysis of dashboards indicators and we get to dynamic and complex behaviors analysis of the factory systems linked to the measured performances. Further competences are dedicated to understand how the objectives of a logistics process can align to the "customer care" concept typical field of research of the quality. In this contest one of the most relevant points for the competences is the creation of a innovative model to measure the performances- denominated LogistiQual- that defines a valuation framework of the factory ability about the logistics performances control and the capacity to answer to the customer's needs.
Project Simulation Trend
Delays and costs increase are two chronic issues in projects. They do not derive only from underestimated forecasts, but also from intangible factors and managerial mistakes too. Our research group applies computer simulation based on System Dynamics to support traditional project management techniques in order to estimate project performances and support proper choices taking into account the complex interaction among project variables. Thanks to simulation, we are able to forecast gaps and improve managerial practices that could compromised the expected performance.
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Smart Cities
Logistics, Supply Chain Management
Complex Systems
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