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reslog is a research group of the Department of Management and Production Engineering (DIGEP) at Politecnico di Torino
Healthcare Organization
Consume material management
The analysis of healthcare logistics flows suggests that many criteria and logics applied in manufacturing could be used in the healthcare filed as well. Therefore after an extended literature analysis we have defined some application models about hospital logistics organization. In particular we study and propose modular solutions at different automation and computerized levels that and therefore they could be implemented according to of the dimension of the considered hospital, its maturity degree and its investiment capability.
Clinical risk
Risk analysis in the healthcare field is becoming essential to achieve more efficiency and effectiveness about drug administration and insurance cost reduction. Our effort focuses on effective and easy to use approaches and methods for risk identification, assessment and management. Such solutions include the introduction of procedures increasing communication among personnel and material and information traceability. In fact, we think that system major criticalities can emerge only if there are controls along the path that drugs and other materials follow in a hospital. Following are reported our main projects and initiatives in the field.
This project aims to study organizational, informative and technological models mainly related to the logistics, so as to facilitate new hospitals design or to rengineering the existing ones. In particular, in some Piedmont hospital structures (Torino area: Chivasso, Ivrea, Ciriè) we carried out a process analysis concerning information and materials hospital management, from prescription to administration to patients. This study allowed to identify criticalities in order to support the choice of improvement areas and of the future organizational goals according to the specific hospital situation.
Our research group has started at Gradenigo Hospital (Torino, Italy) a project about the reingineering of the flows of drugs and medical device. For this purpose we applied a methodology based on kanban technique for wards supply from the central warehouse of the hospital. Thanks to this project, tested in three wards, we have obtained a significant management improvement. In fact we have observed a cost reduction for drugs consumption and a decrease in volume of stocked products. We are extending such study to the whole logistics cycle, including identification techniques, warehouse management approach as well as supporting technologies.
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Smart Cities
Project and Risk Management
Complex Systems
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